A leap of faith is all I can say. 

From corporate world to wedding photography, it took me a while to be where I am right now. I usually take photography as a hobby way back before. Capturing all family events, joining portrait shoots from different camera clubs to street photography where I met some wedding photographer in the industry and took me as their apprentice. 

 I fell in love with weddings because real emotions are always present - genuine smiles and love beaming through their eyes are what captures me to present it through my photographs.

My style leans toward using natural light  and the not so posey poses for our couple as I want them to be as naturals in front of the camera. Emotions just flow when I let them be on their own but with a little nudge on how to feel more comfortably in front of the lens is what I do best. 

Are you going to get wed soon? 

I’m just a chat away, message me anytime  so we can talk about your wedding ideas! 



“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”

— Ansel Adams

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